Our Corky…


I read somewhere once, “that death is a part of life”, well maybe it is. It doesn’t mean I have to like it. Or that I’m ready when it happens…

Corky & shadow 007

It has been a month, and a few weeks since Shadow passed away. He died on a Sunday.  Now we mourn Corky, who also passed away on a Sunday, just like his partner of 17 years…26065626_163940221040287_34732455629946880_n

Loneliness can be a terrible thing for a dog, it was like that for Corky. He spent every moment of everyday, with his partner Shadow. Now he spent his life being alone. As much as we tried to ease that loneliness, it was too much for Corky to bear…ipod pic and vids 175

It was truly heartbreaking, seeing how much Corky missed Shadow. We were in denial about how long Corky would last without him. Everyday our routine would consist of my mother taking Corky outside, to feed him, give him the space to run around our big back yard. My father would spend time with him, and give Corky a ride in his wheelchair. Corky loved this!Corkygif

A day to day routine, to keep Corky busy, to let him know how much he was loved. It wasn’t enough to fill the hole, the void in his heart of missing Shadow. The big yard was just a reminder of how alone Corky was.He was always looking for Shadow. Everywhere he went in the yard, he looked for him. It took its toll on him. We could see how it aged him. When they were together, Corky acted like a puppy, tail wagging fast. After Shadow was gone, he walked slower, his tail didn’t wag as much. He seemed to get older overnight.ipod pic and vids 031

Then one Sunday morning, we found him lying there…he was gone. My mother was the last person to see him alive. It was devastating to us. My mother and I buried Corky next to Shadow (whom he was meant to be with) under their favorite tree in the yard. We didn’t tell my father right away. After it was done, he asked me, “Is Corky gone?”, I couldn’t speak, it was too much, so I nodded my head “yes”. “Did you bury him next to Shadow?”, he asked. Again, I could only nod my head “yes”. Then my father just burst into tears. My father never cries. NEVER. So it caught me off guard, and I just held him. I kept thinking about the rides he would give Corky in his chair,Corkyrunninggif

And all the times we would see Corky running in the yard to greet us. It’s quiet now, and difficult to spend time there without thinking of the both of them. The silence is immense.

After I buried them together, and made Corky’s marker, I kept remembering a movie I saw once called, “Gorillas In The Mist”. At the end of the film (spoiler alert!) Dian Fossey is killed, and they have her funeral on the mountain, and bury her next to her favorite gorilla “Digit”. Her guide and friend, connects the rocks that are surrounding each grave, and makes them into one large circle. They believe that in that way, the souls of the departed can be together forever, as one, before they go on to the afterlife. I kept thinking about that over and over, So I walked all over the yard and gathered every stone I could find, and did the same thing. I thought, they deserved to be together forever. It’s the least I can do for Corky & Shadow…Coerky & Shadow play

I love you Corky & Shadow, I will never forget you…


If It’s Ice Cream, I’m There!


I LOVE ice cream. Everyone I know knows this about me. Ben & Jerry’s holds a special place in my heart. So when I read that they were holding an event close to where I live, I jumped at the chance to go!

Ben & Jerrys Pint Slice Caenival 008

There was a really nice set up, on the corner of Hollywood & Vine (close to Capitol Records) with games, a ride, and a huge ice cream truck. You wait in line, spin the touch screen, and win whichever flavor it landed on (some were lucky enough to win 3 flavors at once!) I was hoping to try anything chocolate, so I was thrilled to get “Chocolate Fudge Brownie”! Let me tell you, it was amazing!Ben & Jerrys Pint Slice Caenival 004

I really had a blast at this event, and everyone there was so nice! Best of all it was free! I hope Ben & Jerry’s does another event like this one again real soon, and if you hear about one in your town, by all means go!




It’s Hard To Say Goodbye…

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This has been,the hardest week of my life. I’ve been trying to find the words, it’s not easy to do. You want them to be right. Especially for Shadow, because he deserves it!

Those of you that have visited my page, know of Shadow & his partner Corky. They came to live with us, when my sister moved and couldn’t take them with her. They had been together for sixteen years, so they needed to be together. We weren’t sure how they (or us) would adjust to the new living arrangements. We did, and in the process, came to know and love each other with a deep, and great affection for one another.


Shadow was a chihuahua, who was a bit over weight, and walked with a noticeable limp. This was from a neighbor of my sisters, that kicked him! He never walked the same again, but he never let it stop him from playing, asserting himself with Corky as the dominant male in their dynamic, and occasionally surprise everyone with the ability to run whenever I needed to give him a bath!


He was smart, he was funny, and a real good sport. How else could I dress him up? He never tried to bite (other than Corky when he tried to take his treats) he loved to cuddle on your lap, and when he looked at you, it was as if he knew what you were thinking. He had the kindest of eyes.


As much as they would sometimes get on each others nerves, they were devoted to each other, and had a great affection towards one another. Many was the time I would walk into the yard, and find them grooming each other, as if no one was watching. They had been together so long, it was as if they were an old married couple.  Once when Corky escaped from our yard while we were out, Shadow was inconsolable! He cried and cried for Corky! He wouldn’t eat or sleep, we were so worried about him, and we missed Corky and worried about where he was, and if he was ok. Luckily, I found the flyer with his photo! The next day, we brought Corky home, and they were reunited as if time had never passed between them…

Corky & shadow 015

Shadow had the cutest of barks, it wasn’t really so much of a bark as much as a “growl”. He would make this sound whenever he heard a siren go by. First Shadow would start, then Corky would chime in, so you’d hear a chorus of “Woo-woo-woo” followed by “ARrh, ARrh, ARrh” (the sound Shadow would make) He would also do this whenever we’d come home from an outing.The neighbors never complained, thank goodness! He was slow to move, but fierce. At times gruff, but incredibly kind…and the most loving creature I have ever known, with a heart as big as the moon…

Corky & shadow 004 He was 17 when he passed away. How do you put into words, how much someone means to you? And yes, a dog counts as a “someone”. They don’t judge you, they listen to your problems, they don’t care if you’ve gotten older or have gained weight. The only thing that matters to them, is love. To be loved, and give love in return. So simple, yet so profound.

Shadow’s life was long, and meaningful, especially to the ones who were lucky enough to know him, and be loved by him. He will never be forgotten.

Many Thanks, to all of those who have given their condolences, it means more than you know.

(“There are things that measure the worth of a man as a man,  regardless of birth.

“Not how did he die? But- how did he live? Not what did he gain? But- what did he give?”)…

Shadow, you gave SO much, and we love you for it. Rest in peace…

Beautiful Cars Everywhere, Oh My!

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I love going to the Auto Show, besides all the beautiful cars, there are lots of cool items to buy related to cars, lots of giveaways, and everyone is so nice!

Where else can you sit behind the wheel of a fancy car, without fear of anyone getting angry about it? My only chance to sit inside a Mercedes or a Cadillac Escalade, *sigh*…

LA Auto Show 2017 021

You need a good pair of walking shoes when you attend this event, because you’ll cover a LOT of territory! The convention space is massive, and it has to be if its going to have room for all these amazing automobiles…LA Auto Show 2017 044

Every style of car you can imagine as well as an amazing array of colors…LA Auto Show 2017 056

The vintage cars were also on display, and it made me wish I could afford to buy one (or all) of them…LA Auto Show 2017 324

Course, you get lots of cool swag for free, and there are contests, it’s just an all around fun experience I recommend to everyone! Hope you enjoy my video, and thank you:)

Stan Lee + Pop Culture= Fun!



This was my second time going to this event, and I must say, they do it better every year! So much cool stuff to buy, so much cool stuff to look at, and everyone just having a great time! They handed out these pins to everyone (plus a cool backpack) for free that came!Stan Lee comic con 2017 007

Lots of great artwork to see and buy, (Camilla d’ Errico is one of my faves) in every aisle…

Stan Lee comic con 2017 013

Stan Lee comic con 2017 036

You never know who you’ll bump into…Stan Lee comic con 2017 048

Stan Lee comic con 2017 066

Plus lots of cool stuff, you would never find in a store…Stan Lee comic con 2017 063

Stan Lee comic con 2017 072

If you download the app (as seen in the photo of the pin above) you can see more photos other people at the event have posted. It’s free!  Thanks for watching!



Spooky Tales of Old Los Angeles…



Since Halloween soon approaches (boy the time went by fast!) I thought I would share some spooky tales about some of the famous (and some may say “infamous”) buildings, in downtown L.A.

I love taking walking tours, and even though I’ve lived here my whole life, I’m constantly learning new things, about this city I call home.Haunted dtla tour 006

This is The Hall Of Justice, it has been closed for many years, because of damage it sustained during the 1993 earthquake.There is a LOT of history in this place. It was where Charles Manson was kept during the trials, Marilyn Monroe’s body was brought here. I was told that the city is considering turning it into a museum, like Alcatraz. Fingers crossed!

Haunted dtla tour 013

This is the service elevator, that takes you to the basement walkway of the “Hall Of Records”, but if you take a certain escalator, and make a few turns, it also takes you to some of the tunnels that were used by bootleggers during the 1940’s. Also, it was where some of the prisoners were walked to go to court, to avoid any crowds or media. Some say the various tunnels are haunted. Technically, it isn’t open to the public, but if you walk around, you can find it…Haunted dtla tour 016

Nothing haunted about this building (that I know of) just a beautiful building that is home, to the Los Angeles Times newspaper. It was open in 1935, and designed by Gordon B.Kaufmann, who also designed “Hoover Dam”, “Santa Anita Park”, among other sites. The lobby is just gorgeous! It has a giant globe, that’s 5 1/2 feet in diameter, atop a bronze pedestal. Ten feet high murals adorn the walls of the lobby, which were painted by artist Hugo Ballin. He is the same artist who painted the rotunda inside The Griffith Observatory, in Griffith Park. They also offer free tours inside the building, which you have to make a reservation for.

So that’s it, my first Halloween post of the season. Hopefully I’ll do more! Just keeping watching! Hugs!

“It’s Comic-Con For Cats!”

Cat Con 2017

This was my third time at this event, this time it was in a much bigger venue (enough to have more cat “goodies”)  and room to walk around as well! The Reef was okay, but it was so small I felt claustrophobic that I left early. This time I stayed much longer, and bought more stuff!                                                                                                                                             Cat Con 2017 065

There were SO many interesting vendors, and SO much cool stuff! I was on a budget though, but I still managed to buy some great items (plus they gave away a lot of cool freebies) Everone was so nice, and the vibe was chill. I had more fun at this event, than I did the other two times I went!                                                                                                        Cat Con 2017 066

This year I got to see the “Cat Video Fest”, which was by The Pet Collective. They compiled the best of the best,of cat videos. So funny! Then afterwards, one of the guests “Iammoshow”, a rapper from Portland, who raps about cats, and has 3 rescue kitties that he puts in his videos, was there to perform. He had done a “meet & greet” beforehand, but I missed it. Great performance!  Cat Con 2017 005As I was leaving, a poster caught my eye… Great, another event I gotta go to! …*sigh*

Just joking, I think it’s about time they had an event like this for our doggie pals! Wow, I’d better start saving my money now!

Get Ready For Halloween 2017!

ScareLa 2017

My favorite holiday soon approaches, and what better way to get ready for it, then by going to a great event that celebrates things all “Halloween”, ScareLA!

I took my niece with me, Victoria (as she loves things as spooky as I do) so off we went to the L.A. Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. We knew we were in our element when the people showing up, were in various stages of dress-up, not just in black attire, I mean costumes, cool t-shirts, hats, even dressed as their favorite spooky character from a film!Scare LA 2017 002

There were some great exhibitors, and my niece even won a couple of free T-shirts! We had fun getting the “bejeezus” scared out of us, doing the “Annabelle:Creation” exhibit, and they emailed us the results (I’m behind the pink ectoplasm)Annabelle2.JPGopy

There was just so much to see, and we had so much fun! I hope you’ll watch the video. Be sure to watch after the credits, “The Rythmn Coffin” will be performing their song, “Zombie Watusi”, thanks everyone and “Happy Halloween!”

“Pop Culture-Cosplayers-Oh My!”

San Diego Comic Con 2017, Uncategorized


This was my first trip back to San Diego, in a VERY long time! To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect because, it was also my first trip to the Con ALONE!

I had gone on excursions alone plenty of times, but this was different. It was being alone, far away in San Diego. I asked a friend to go, but at the last minute it wasn’t possible. So there it was, I had to go alone. I couldn’t eat my ticket (too hard to get & too expensive) the only thing holding me back was my fear. So I decided to just “suck it up”, and go.

I was fine when I got to the train station and bought my ticket, but once I boarded, I started getting butterflies in my stomach. “What am I doing?” I asked myself. “What if I end up in the hospital?” Of course all that nonsense went out the door once we got to San Diego.

When I got there though, things started to happen. Being surrounded by all the people, that are into the same things you are, fills you with a sense of comfort and familiarity. As though, “We’re all in together!” My butterflies went away, and miracles of miracles, I began to enjoy myself!  People there were amazing, the vendors were friendly and helpful, and I realized something about myself too… I’m pretty amazing at being alone, and next year if I’m lucky enough to get another ticket to Comic Con (they are VERY hard to come by) I won’t be scared to go alone, I’ll embrace it, because I know what to expect…San Diego Comic Con 2017 035

San Diego Comic Con 2017 039

San Diego Comic Con 2017 101


San Diego Comic Con 2017 121

“The Sidewalk Is My Canvas”…

Pasadena Chalk Festival

This was the 25th Annual Pasadena Chalk Festival, and it gets better every year! I had so much fun, and also it was better because last year, it was 105 degrees outside, and this year only 93! Still hot, but okay.

I notice every year, when someone important passes away, they are immortalized in chalk. This year was no different, so there were a few Carrie Fisher drawings, one for her mom Debbie Reynolds, Chris Cornell got a portrait, but the winner of the Grand Prize was a young 16 year old artist (I wish I remembered her name) who drew the amazing portrait of Adam West, T.V.’s “Batman”.

Here are a few other works that I didn’t have room to put in my video that I want to share…Pasadena Chalk Festival 2017 pt2 050

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2017 pt2 076

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2017 pt2 128

This was held “Father’s Day” weekend, so there a lot of families there with their kids, and older people, so there was a really good vibe. Everyone was super friendly, and the art work was just stunning! I recommend this event for everyone, because it was a cool day to spend outdoors, and best of all it was free! Enjoy the video!